Tom’s charity work earns him a Hero’s Handshake

10 Jun 2022

Tom Ford’s charity work and dedication to junior golf has earned him the latest Hero’s Handshake award presented by golf’s Young Ambassadors.
Tom – a member at Selsey Golf Club –  was nominated by his club’s junior organiser, Gordon Weller, for his enthusiasm and hard work in the club.
The 14-year-old, based in West Sussex, is currently junior captain at Selsey and proudly represents the third generation of golfers in his family.
His efforts specifically include making proposals to the committee, such as extending practice facilities, organising group tee times for juniors, and looking beyond his golf club by encouraging his school friends to get involved.
Perhaps Tom’s biggest achievement has been his charitable contribution to CancerWise.
For the first time in a decade, Tom organised a Junior Captain’s Day at Selsey that raised an incredible £2215! He plans to have this event sealed in the club’s calendar going forward.
After receiving his award, Tom said: “I was really pleased to receive the award. I try my best to develop the junior section and put in as much work as possible.”
Tom wants to kick on and help young people realise how fun the sport can be and contribute to changing perceptions that golf is a boring sport.
Gordon – who put him forward for the award –  described Tom as an “enthusiastic, welcoming and respected” golfer, leading the junior section and making a positive impression across the club.
Tom’s engagement provides a strong voice for junior golf, empowering other young golfers to follow his example.
The Young Ambassadors encourage juniors to make their voices heard in a positive and supportive way up and down the country.
The Young Ambassadors is a team of golf enthusiasts dedicated to promoting junior golf  supported by England Golf and the Golf Foundation.
The Hero’s Handshake award recognises young people who go that extra mile to make a difference at their clubs.
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